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An Expert series of classes for children looking to unlock their performance potential in a fun and positive setting.  These are taught by professional entertainers who offer their wisdom, experience, and good nature aid their students.

Abra Academy’s four week classes, one night a week, with introduce your children to performance skills in a fun, active way.

No Pressure.

                      No Long Term Commitments.

                                                      No Expensive Extra Costs for Even the Best Students.

Just FUN and LEARNING by Doing.

Date StartDate EndsTimeClassTeacherRegister Here
9/12/202310/3/20236:30pm-7:30pmIntro To TheaterEbonyIntro to Theater
10/17/202311/14/20236:30pm-7:30pmIntro To TheaterEbonyRegister Here
9/12/202310/3/20237:45pm-8:45pmIntro to TapPatrickRegister Here
10/17/202311/14/20237:45pm-8:45pmIntro to TapPatrickRegister Here
9/13/202310/4/20236:30pm-7:30pmTheater BasicsSarahRegister Here
10/18/202311/15/20236:30pm-7:30pmTheater BasicsSarahRegister Here
9/13/202310/4/20237:45pm-8:45pmIntro to ImprovHowieRegister Here
10/18/202311/15/20237:45pm-8:45pmIntro to ImprovHowieRegister Here
9/14/202310/5/20236:30pm-7:30pmIntro to TapPatrickRegister Here
10/19/202311/16/20236:30pm-7:30pmIntro to TapPatrickRegister Here
9/14/202310/5/20237:45pm-8:45pmImprov-Short to Long FormHowieRegister Here
10/19/202311/16/20237:45pm-8:45pmImprov-Short to Long FormHowieRegister Here